Tuesday, October 17, 2006

For they know not what they do!

I have been very busy at work recently and get very little time to do things like recording my thoughts. I spend most of my life recording what other people's thoughts should be!

However, the last few days I have been blessed with the sight of some bizarre driver behaviour. One of the joys of riding a bike in traffic is you get to look right into driver’s windows as you pass. In the weeks since I started this blog I have seen all of the following going on in vehicles that are moving – no stationary vehicles here - all activities were being carried out by the driver -

1. Talking on Mobile
2. Dialing on Mobile
3. Texting on Mobile

OK, no surprises there!

4. Lighting a cigarette
5. Eating
6. Drinking

Again – nothing too surprising.

7. Applying lipstick
8. Applying eye shadow
9. Applying mascara

OK – I suppose looking in the mirrors is good. It is probably the only time some of these women use them! But how about -

10. Applying lip balm with both hands at 40 mph! Yes. One hand holding a container, the other applying to the lips – no hands on the wheel at speed!

We don’t want our drivers to get bored, do we? So when crawling forward through traffic why not -

11. Complete a crossword
12. Solve Soduku
13. Read a newspaper
14. Solve a wordsearch
15. Read a trashy celebrity magazine
16. Read a novel
17. Play around with your Ipod

Now I want drivers to know where they are going – map reading is an underestimated skill. You can -

18. Read a map on your lap
19. Read a map on the passenger seat,

or my favourite method -

20. Pin your A to Z to the wheel with the heel of your right hand whilst you turn the pages with your left!

But best of them all was the driver who had a PDA stuck to the windscreen of his car as he drove at 10 MPH in queue approaching Westminster Bridge -

21. Playing a game!

Any others you have seen? Please let me know!