Thursday, September 23, 2010

For they know not what they do! 5

28. After years of seeing bizarre, dangerous and inconsiderate behaviour by car drivers, and since reading email and texting your friends became the norm for the London driver, I thought I was beyond being shocked. I was very wrong!

Coming up behind a small blue hatchback in Battersea this afternoon I noticed through the rear window there was a baby in strange rear facing child seat where you would expect to see the steering wheel. Never mind. The vehicle was obviously left-hand drive. Then things got interesting! A hand holding a spoon came into view from the left and started feeding the child. OK, it must be someone in a back seat. But no! The spoon is being held by the woman in the driver's seat, although whether, given the impressive degree of maternal attention she is bestowing on the child it is questionable if she could be considered in control of her vehicle.

Shortly after I passed, the Stig caught up with me and said, "why did you give that car a double take?"

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Tim Carr said...

Hmm. I'm not sure I'd "forgive them" for that...fairly sure she knew the risk she was taking, but just thought it was acceptable...yikes.