Thursday, January 01, 2009

2004 Piaggio X9 250 SL - Imperial Blue

I have been riding this second X9 for a few months now. A month ago she started behaving very oddly. When slowing down she used to shake from side to side and was uncertain into corners. Even though the front and rear tyres both had plenty of tread other investigations suggested new tyres would solve the problems. I had new Michelin Gold Standards fitted front and rear yesterday and the bike is now going like a dream. No shakes, and very confident in all the conditions I came across today, including the greasy gritted roads. This is just like an X9 should be!

For the record it is, like the yellow one a 2004 model with a topbox which more than doubles the storage and makes the bike a very practical tourer, or at leasts allows you to do a week's shopping for two people! For more information about my experieinces of the X9 250 SL check out this post on the blog.


Nina said...

Nice Photo!
Keep on scooting!

Sub Urban Pimp

Alex Gold said...

What's the MPG like on a scoot of this engine size?