Thursday, June 11, 2009

For they know not what they do! 3

Driver behaviour just gets worse. New technology, new devices, new hazards for other road users. Adding to the list I drew up in 2006 I now have -

22. Typing on the laptop balance on the drivers knees.

23. Typing on the laptop on the passenger seat.

24. A very popular one this, scrolling through an email on a Blackberry.

A strange think a few months ago. As I was filtering through Wandsworth a couple of months ago and notices small things floating out of the driver's window of a car every few seconds. As I approached I could see the back of the car was full of boxes of what looked like old curtains. The driver had some of this pulled across her lap, and as she was driving though heavy traffic she was ...

25. Unpicking stitches!

Today, something new. I passed a driver moving along, pen in hand ...

26. Completing a form to register with a GP!

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TIW said...

The other week I followed some jackass watching a DVD on his dashboard.

Nice blog!